How Not To Say Ojo Rojo

How To Say

Ojo Rojo



We have heard our name said and spelt in various ways. Here is a few of the ways we have heard:
Oco Roco
Ocho Rocho
Oko Roko
Ocko Rocko
Oco Rojo



Ojo Rojo (pronounced ‘Ock-o Rock-o’) literally translated means: Red Eye.
Though, this popular Mexican phrase is used to allude to the effects of consuming great spicy food, and/or the struggle of the morning after the night before! It describes someone having ‘all the fun’ or ‘living life to the fullest’.

It is true that the more traditional way to say how name would be with a hard ‘H’ and a throaty rasp, but in the interest of anglicising the sound, and making it easier for the UK tongue to pronounce, we introduced the hard ‘K’ sound. After all, we are anything but purely traditional.