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We believe that if your dreams don’t scare you, they are not big enough. Our own venture began in a street food eatery in Mexico; the food was vivacious and exciting, yet simple. In that instant, the seed of adventure had been planted. Ojo Rojo is a contemporary Mexican Restaurant. Our dishes are inspired by Mexican street food, refined and combined with flavours and influences from around the world, delivered with a unique Rojo twist.

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Fox & The Owl supported by Alejandra

We have a very special treat for you at Ojo Rojo on the 16th October. We have Alejandra Restrepo coming to appear some of her Latin Americano to the small corner of Bournemouth, supported by the lovely local band: The Fox & The Owl.

Free entry!

With lyrics that find their roots in the poetry of every day life and a voice influenced by the colors of Mercedes Sosa, Jorge Drexler and Caetano Velososo, this Colombian songwriter transports her audience into arboreal landscapes, familiar streets and scenes filtered by the literary charm of the forgotten routines. If you’re searching for a radiant moment in the soundtrack of your life, allow yourself to be wrapped by the plots of her songs and her voice.


Fox & The Owl:
Once the sun goes down, The Fox and The Owl saunter out of the dusky woodlands to bring you their distinctive musical sounds. Defined by the prowling vocal harmonies of Lucy and Lauren, tracked by Rich on lead ukulele, and James on percussion.

You could call them a folk band, but they are crossbred with the creatures of reggae, blues, and jazz, resulting in an abundant set of jaunty tunes and original songwriting from these nocturnal songsters.



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Take every opportunity to nourish your body, refresh your mind, breathe deeply and get lost in the moment. At Ojo Rojo, we have created a menu that is both healthy and tasty. One that keeps dietary needs in mind while exploring the full range of ingredients. Vegan, allergen sensitive and meat lovers are all welcome through these doors.

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Coffee, Dinner & Drinks

With a great quick lunch option, sharing trays for 2 people, a unique and quality range of coffee and a Mexican street food inspired dinner menu, we have your whole day covered.

We open at 17:30 on a Monday for dinner service and midday Tuesday to Sunday. Our kitchen closes between 15:30-17:30 to set up for dinner service but the bar is open our bar staff love the company! Even when our full menu stops on Friday and Saturday at 10:30pm, our late night tacos are available until midnight!

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