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Hand Washing

Our staff wash their hands between each and every order,as well as regularly throughout the day. We also have new hand sanitizer stations, available to use throughout the building for both customers and staff. We do not use gloves in the kitchen, as it is no substitute for proper hand washing procedures. Hygiene is a priority for us!

Extra Cleanliness

We have the entire venue cleaned every morning, and tables and chairs are cleaned after every customer leaves. Also, all surfaces which are publically shared are regularly cleaned throughout the day, including card machines, hand rails, doors handles, toilets, etc

Face Masks

Our staff have their own face masks (which are cleaned after every use) They are designed to protect you and stop any potential spread of the virus. Although it is not mandatory to wear masks as a customer, we appreciate you wish to wear one which is alright by us.


We are constantly learning and training our staff on the latest procedures, particularly to do with safety and hygiene. All our staff have gone through training on how to properly wear masks and wash their hand, and keep everyone safe!

Contact Free Menus

We have QR codes on the tables – if you scan them, you can view our menus online, to minimise contact between our staff and you!

Contact Free Dining

If you would prefer, we can drop your food off to a designated ‘Drop Off Point’, minimising any contact you have with your server.You are then free to collect it yourself and return your finished plates to the drop off point.

(No) Full House

We have reduced the amount of seating in the restaurant, to make as much space as possible between customers. All our tables are 1 – 2m apart and meet government guidelines for social distancing.

Get Fresh Air

We have a new outside area where you can sit, depending on availablity and enjoy the best Margarita in town.

Social Distancing

We have signage through the restaurant, to improve traffic and minimise contact between customers. Please follow the signs and one way system to keep safe!

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Our Story


We believe that if your dreams don’t scare you, they are not big enough. Our own venture began in a street food eatery in Mexico; the food was vivacious and exciting, yet simple. In that instant, the seed of adventure had been planted. Ojo Rojo is a contemporary Mexican Restaurant. Our dishes are inspired by Mexican street food, refined and combined with flavours and influences from around the world, delivered with a unique Rojo twist.

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Take every opportunity to nourish your body, refresh your mind, breathe deeply and get lost in the moment. At Ojo Rojo, we have created a menu that is both healthy and tasty. One that keeps dietary needs in mind while exploring the full range of ingredients. Vegan, allergen sensitive and meat lovers are all welcome through these doors.

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Coffee, Dinner & Drinks

OPen for dinner and drinks wednesday-Friday and with added service from Midday on Saturday and sunday, we have all your needs covered.

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