Our Upcycling



Did you know that most of Ojo Rojo, Bournemouth was constructed and designed around upcycling and salvaged materials? True to our values and ethos, we tried to create a venue that was interesting, ergonomic and sustainable. Below are a few examples of what we have designed and implemented.



Our beautiful tree installation that runs up and over our upstairs restaurant was designed and created by Phyllida Swift and is comprised of hundreds of metres of copper wire. When we moved into the building we had to completely rebuild the electrics and therefore rip out the old wiring. Many painstaking hours was spend stripping the copper out of the result and converting it into the tree you know and love in The Canopy. Combined with some old air conditioning piping, the tree is about 90% upcycled material.

Copper Installation

lamp shades



The lampshades on our hanging lights, in the Canopy, are hand made from cutlery and silverware bought from charity shops and sprayed copper to match the installation. Each of these were made by Nic Browne and customised foe each individual light. They show a great display of creativity and recycling and really add to the atmosphere of the upstairs restaurant.



All of our chairs have been upcycled from various sources. Some were salvaged from yards, some sourced locally and customised while the rest were old school chairs that needed a home. We had a team of people who painted these chairs in the brand colours and, using vinyl, imprinted various illustrations from our logo onto them. Each chair you sit on in our premises are individual and one of a kind.

Our chairs




All the wood at Ojo Rojo was salvaged from various sources. During the build we kept our ear to the ground and listened out for any old building that were ripping out the original floorboards and infrastructure so we could drive over and make sure the wood went to a good home. An extraordinary amount of wood was used for the build of our venue but we are proud to say that all of it has been upcycled to ensure a sustainable building.



All of our tables are either donated or built from recycled wood. We wish to thank those of you who donated their unwanted dining tables. The rest of our tables have been made from scaffolding boards, wood removed from renovated buildings or joists taken from the various skips and reclaim yards. Together they give a real homely and honest feel to the venue which, we feel, represents the ethos of what we are trying to accomplish.





The coffee sacks you see around the venue are genuine sacks from Central & South America. They are kindly donated by Clifton Coffee. The cushions that you see around the venue downstairs have been made from these sacks from the ever talented Siobhan Begley and make your stay with us all the more comfortable.



We believe that toilets are testament to the quality of a restaurant and leave a lasting affect in peoples mind about their experience. Our toilet sinks are cleaned and upcycled coal buckets. When we put them in we over looked sealing them so had a few issues with leaking water!! But once we had them under control, they make great, complimentary additions to our bathroom space and really quirky sinks for your use while you are at the venue.