One Off Pieces

One Off


In creating our venue in Bournemouth, we commissioned several one-off pieces to be implemented into our design. They were built and designed by a series of people who added to our vivacious and interesting venue.



The first piece that was built into the building, lives in infamy with its controversy. A piece of street art that helped launch the opening of our Bournemouth venue. Unfortunately, due to a misunderstanding  with our tenancy agreement we were forced to paint over it. Then, a few months later our new landlord agreed to allow us to re paint another mural. Using the same artist (Krishna Malla), we commissioned a tribute piece to the original work. The original artwork had a lot of owls around a lone frog. The second piece had frogs around a lone feather.

Street Art

Door Handle




Our door handles are custom made representations of our full logo. Each icon and illustration represents a part of the story that makes Ojo Rojo what it is. This beautiful addition to the venue was created by the ever talented Phyllida Swift and is something we are truly proud of.



Phyllida Swift, who made our door handles, also created the tree installation that has come to represent the mood and atmosphere of our upstairs room. It is a beautiful representation of the honesty and romance and made from the copper we stripped out of the building when we took it over.

Rojo Installation


The Bar


On the front of our bar, Krishna Malla (who created the external mural) has created a gorgeous frog, sitting on top of a bottle. Frogs are calm, found in both the UK and Mexico, vivacious and represent the Mexican god of agriculture. We love them. The original idea for Rojo was also worked on in Mexico in a bar called La Ranita, which means ‘Little Frog’.



Our light fixtures, upstairs, have been created from crockery found at charity shops and sprayed copper to fit with out interior design. They were created by the lovely Nic Browne and are a great representation of the attention to detail we have tried to create with the experience at Ojo Rojo.

lamp shades



Krishna Malla’s final piece for us was a back wall on our downstairs floor. It is a great amalgamation of our affinity with Owls (see the original outside street mural) and the Day Of The Dead skull that we have adorned into our logo.



After our original mural had to be painted over, we commissioned a small piece to be a homage to it by an artist called Mask. He created it over 2 days, live in front of the restaurant as part of our tequila festival. IT is a great piece and you can find it on the way to the upstairs toilets.